How to Make a Practice Guitar Amplifier With Fixed Volume featured image
The Kitronik mono amplifier can easily be converted to work as a practice guitar amplifier. It is a simple case of changing the resistor that sets the volume (otherwise it will be very loud and distorted) and connecting a larger jack socket.

Parts list

Assembly instructions

  • Follow the build instructions to make the amplifier, however don’t fit R2 or the jack lead supplied with the kit
  • Fit the 47 ohm resistor (yellow, purple, black coloured bands) in to the board where it is marked R2
  • On the 6.35mm jack socket connect two wires to the terminals. The other end of the wires need to be soldered to the PCB where it is marked “Input”, the two wires can go either way around. The wire from the jack lead can be used for this connection.
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