Introducing: The CEL Robox 3D Printer
This week’s blog features our biggest product launch to date, the CEL Robox 3D Printer and filaments range! We have been looking forward to bringing this to you for a few weeks now, and so here it is along with some information for you to browse through.  


  'The Robox proves 3D printing doesn't have to be a dark art. 5 out of 5'Stuff Magazine, 2015 The CEL Robox is a desktop 3D printer which marks a new level of innovation in 3D printer development. The Robox 3D printer has all the features that you would expect from an extrusion-type 3D printer, with the addition of a number of unique features. For this reason we think that the Robox 3D printer is the ideal choice for any education or hobby 3D printer user. Featuring a dual-nozzle system to ensure print speeds up to 300% faster than the closest competitors, the Robox printer also allows adjustment of the individual nozzle’s temperature as well as the depth of fill, providing users with complete control of every stage of the printing process and quality. Compatible with PC, Mac OSX, and Linux, included is the Automaker program designed specifically for Robox. Rapidly building a reputation in the 3d printing industry, the kickstarter-funded Robox is a new take on the 3D printer, in a bold step to give 3D printing mass market appeal. We are also stocking the full range of ABS and PLA filaments manufactured alongside the Robox, incorporating CEL’s own SmartReel technology, whereby the printer can automatically adjust to the settings of the filament reel, to provide the best printing results. C5412_large_pla_filament_robox_smartreel   So what are the benefits of ABS and PLA? ABS Stronger, aiding any post print work. Increased flexibility. More temperature resistant (due to higher melting point). PLA Lower plastic smell during print. Less warping of print, so possibly more detail and better visual quality to prints. While ABS is a more established material having been used for several years longer than PLA, PLA is quickly becoming a preferred choice thanks to it's biodegradability, a major focus in manufacturing currently. Below you can find a step-by-step guide to the Robox 3D printer, featuring our very own Kevin Spurr:  
  Here are some of the results demonstrating just what the Robox can produce: robox examples Keep checking back to the Kitronik website over the coming weeks as we are planning to bring you a full range of resources both for and about the Robox, as well as many other products! As always, don't forget you'll never miss a product update when you subscribe to our newsletter, CLICK HERE!

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