poplar laser plywood (laserply)
We love supplying you with the materials to go with your Project Kits and we are proud to introduce an expansion of our Poplar Plywood (laserply) now available in 600mm x 300mm sheet sizes in both 3mm and 6mm thicknesses. 600mm x 300mm sheet size is designed specifically for those of you with smaller laser cutters that have a smaller cutting bed. We're also bringing in a new 3mm 'BR' grade Birch Plywood in 600mm x 400mm as well.


plywood_shelving_560 (laserply)


A selection of our laser Plywood (laserply) waiting for orders at Kitronik HQ

AB Grade High Quality Poplar Plywood


600mm x 400mm High Quality Poplar Plywood

This is a high quality Italian Poplar Plywood (laserply) sheet which is suitable for a wide range of applications and is particularly suited to laser cutting. Poplar has a lower density than Birch, meaning that it can be easily laser cut at lower power settings. This Poplar Plywood has an AB grading which is typically the best grade of plywood available. The surface of the material will be consistent in appearance with no large variations in colour. Small pin knots are allowed and these would typically be only a few mm in diameter. Poplar is a cultivated wood that grows quickly, which makes it a very sustainable product. This material is PEFC certified.

BR Grade Birch Plywood

Due to high demand, we are expanding the range of our BR 'veneer' grade Birch Laser Plywood so that our range now includes the 3mm BR Grade 600mm x 400mm sheet. This high quality Laser Plywood sheet produced in Finland is suitable for a wide range of applications including laser cutting.


birch_plywood_560 (laserply)


3mm BR Grade Birch Laser Plywood

This new BR grade (above B grade) is a high quality plywood sheet produced in Finland which is suitable for a wide range of applications including laser cutting. This is similar to B grade material, with knots that would typically not exceed 7mm to 8mm in diameter. It shows the natural look of the wood and will show natural colour variations. These plywoods are used in specialist applications and tend to have a slightly higher quality feel. The surface of the material is sanded to a smoother finish than that of most plywoods. We have published A Guide to Plywood Grading to help you distinguish the difference between different classifications of plywood. Below is a photo of a laser-cut example of the Birch laser plywood:


poplar_laser_plywood_sheet_560 (laserply)


Laser cut example of our Birch Laser Plywood (laserply)

Here at Kitronik, we buy natural products that are environmentally sustainable and this plywood is no exception as this material is PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certified. You can check out the rest of our range of laser cuttable plywood in (Birch and Poplar varieties) and a selection of MDF. That's about it from us here at Kitronik, keep tuned for more updates on new materials including new MDF sheets in the next few weeks. You can keep up to date with all of our new materials in the upcoming weeks by signing up to our newsletter here to hear about everything from Kitronik!

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