oak veneered plywood sheets (laserply)
As you know at Kitronik, we like to be able to provide you with a wide range of materials to build projects with, whether it is our range of perspex and acrylics, our very own Electro-Fashion range, or our laser-cut suitable plywood and MDF panels. With this in mind we are delighted to bring to you the addition of Oak Veneered Plywood and Oak Veneer MDF sheets to the range, measuring 600mm x 400mm.


There are two different cuts that can be used in veneer production, ‘quarter cut’ which are cut at 90 degrees, producing the effect of a straight grain, and ‘crown cut’ veneers which are sliced through the log, producing ‘crowns’ and adding more character to the finish. Both cuts provide a quality finish, though crown cuts generally provide more of a pattern. These two products are made from the higher quality "Crown Cut". A wood veneer is not like an artificial surface such as melamine or a laminate, as it is cut from the log and therefore has it’s own unique grain, texture, and colour. The Oak veneers used on both these MDF and plywood sheets are of the highest quality A grade (see our plywood grading guide) Oak panelling on the topside, making them ideal for outer facing panelling or structural projects that would be improved aesthetically. You can always add one of our Electronic Project Kits to create something unique and highly robust with the A grade Oak veneer to improve the appearance of your creation. As always, please sign up to our newsletter HERE to receive an exclusive view into the world of Kitronik!

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