The January 2017 D&T Update Flyer Online
The Kitronik January 2017 D&T update flyer is now out! If you don't yet have your copy; we've also put it online for your convenience, access it anytime anywhere.

The January 2017 D&T Update Flyer Online

It contains tips for delivering the new Design & Technology GCSE curriculum, new Inventors Kit experiments, free resources and all of the new additions to our range of stocked products, including the Bluetooth Amplifier Kit.  
  • Five top tips to getting ready for the new Design & Technology GCSE.
  • 3D printed lamp resource.
  • Kitronik Inventor’s Kit for the BBC micro:bit ... plus 2 FREE new experiments!
  • HIPS.
  • Blue Styrofoam Sheets.
  • Cardboard Mono Amplifier Case.
  • Servo Motors.
  • Analogue Thumb Joystick.
  • Audio Cable for BBC micro:bit.

January 2017 D&T Update Flyer Online Version:

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