Kitronik Are Going To The Maker Faire UK In April
Maker Faire UK is the greatest show (and tell) on Earth and we're excited to be exhibiting! Taking place on Saturday 01 – Sunday 02 April 2017 at Life Science Centre in Newcastle, it’s a two-day family-friendly festival of invention and creativity. Maximus-21-1000-500
"It brings together over 300 hackers, crafters, coders, DIYers and garden shed inventors from across the globe – people who love to make stuff and who want to share their passion with the public. It’s really great fun for adults and kids alike, with all sorts of different things to try your hand at from traditional crafts to hi-tech hacks. The atmosphere is one of collaboration, sharing and experimenting, where you’ll try new things, deepen existing knowledge and have loads of fun! Be prepared to be inspired. Don’t be afraid to get stuck in!"

Kitronik @ The Maker Faire UK:

We always love going to the Maker Faire UK, we get to talk to a lot of interesting people about a lot of interesting topics and we also get to show people new products and things that are in development. IMG_231448 This year, as well as new products and things in development, we'll also be bringing the 1000 microbit display as our experiences have shown that people really like to see it in action. Geoff has been busy this week ensuring that the display is more than just a display. It now does Space Invaders! Control your spaceship with a wireless microbit controller and see if you can beat the top score! c2160-bluetooth-stereo-amplifier-kit-blue-1000 We've released a number of new products recently and the most popular is our new Bluetooth Amplifier Kit, for which we also produced a free case resource, both of which we will have with us.
We'll also be bringing along things that we have in development and I'm not saying it's robots, but it's robots... Robots of the microbit controlled variety, to be precise. That's just a taste of what we'll be bringing with us, so why not pop over and say hi!   You can find ticket information and book your place here.    

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