Kitronik Design And Technology Flyer Winter/Spring 2021

The Design and Technology winter Flyer 2021 is now out and should be landing soon. We've also uploaded a pdf version here that you can access while you wait. All you need is an internet connection and browser. View it anytime, anywhere.

What's in the Flyer:

The flyer covers Kits, Materials, and Coding products and there are a wealth of new additions contained within. Although we try to keep a steady stream of new offerings from every avenue, materials have been a particular area of focus recently.

As well as increased focus on sheet sizes we have also been bringing in brand new products. We are all set to continue with this for the immediate future, so keep an eye for that.

Tech-Talks Live:

kitronik live tech-talks

Instead of attending BETT, this year we will be streaming a range of online workshops and talks and we would love for you all to join us. They will take place between 18th and 22nd of January and will be centered around our range of products. Watch them live and have your questions answered! Find out more.


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Download the Kitronik Design And Technology Winter/Spring 2021 Flyer.

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