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We all have a bit more spare time at the moment! Trying to find things to do to keep yourself busy can be exhausting, that's why we are here to help! Kitronik has got some fantastic gamers to take your mind off all the stress - plus you can learn how to code too!

Game the Kitronik way! All of our gamers are educational and can be used as a fun-filled way to learn how to code, either with a BBC micro:bit or on MakeCode Arcade. Code the games and then reward yourself by sitting down and getting your game on! As we've got 3 gamers to share with you, lets find out what the main features are...  

Kitronik :GAME ZIP 64 for the BBC micro:bit

Kitronik Gamer Comparison game zip 64

Kitronik :GAME ZIP 64 is the ultimate retro handheld gaming platform for the BBC micro:bit. Haven't heard of the BBC micro:bit before? We've also got a 'User Guide for Absolute Beginners' that will get you set up and ready to start coding in no time! :GAME ZIP 64 has been ergonomically designed to be an all in one handheld gaming platform, which has a 64 individually addressable full-colour ZIP LED screen. Also, there is on-board sound, directional buttons, fire buttons and haptic feedback to provide a fantastic gaming experience for all! Code your own games using Microsoft MakeCode or go to the 'Resources' section of the product page to retrieve some games that are ready to play immediately! Additionally, there are a number of free resources to take your gaming to the next level, such as our 'Lesson Plans for :GAME ZIP 64' which is a fantastic way to incorporate gaming into the classroom or home learning. At a new lower price, the :GAME ZIP 64 is ideal for those who want to take gaming on a BBC micro:bit to the next level! Want to get a whole classroom or club involved? Take a look at our Classroom Pack, it's got everything you need to engage a classroom and have fun!  


Kitronik ARCADE for MakeCode Arcade

Kitronik Gamer Comparison

The latest gamer to Kitronik is the ARCADE, a programmable gamepad for use with MakeCode Arcade. This website is a free educational platform for coding and includes tutorials, lesson plans, and more! You can find out more about the educational benefits of MakeCode Arcade here. ARCADE does not require a BBC micro:bit, which means you can code and download games straight onto the ARCADE. It's super simple. ARCADE has been ergonomically designed to allow everyone, from beginners to game enthusiasts, to create retro arcade games using simple drag and drop coding or Javascript for the more advanced user. It is full of features to make it the ultimate gaming experience, including a full-colour LCD display, piezo buzzer for audio feedback, a vibration motor for haptic feedback, direction/action buttons, and an ON/OFF switch. Plus, we now also offer the ARCADE in a Class Pack, which is perfect for the classroom or clubs! So what are you waiting for, get gaming!  


Kitronik :GAME Controller for BBC micro:bit

Kitronik Gamer Comparison gamer

Improve your gaming experience on the BBC micro:bit with the :GAME Controller! A gamepad-style controller to improve games on the micro:bit itself or to have the ability to control other devices over micro:bit radio! This :GAME Controller has a similar design to the :GAME ZIP 64, but does not feature the LED display. It is a fantastic alternative to the :GAME ZIP 64 if the micro:bits own LED matrix is sufficient for the games you want to run! Plus, it is also much lighter on power consumption too! It features on-board sound, directional/fire buttons, haptic feedback and more! The board is powered by 2 x AA batteries and the BBC micro:bit simply slots into the edge connector. As the :GAME Controller is the most affordable, it is definitely worth considering if you have a smaller budget.  


The Comparison: :GAME ZIP 64 vs ARCADE vs :GAME Controller


:GAME ZIP 64 ARCADE :GAME Controller
For micro:bit
For MakeCode Arcade
Piezo Buzzer
Directional/Action Buttons
Haptic Feedback
ON/OFF Button
Micro USB Port
To sum up the differences between all three gamers that Kitronik has to offer, we've created a simple table. It is worth noting that all three products have proven popular and provide lots of possibilities for all.  

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