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Welcome to our Kitronik news and product update. We will be using these to highlight new products, resources and services which we hope will be of benefit to you. In this edition we will be covering new kits, textiles, Perspex and LEDs. If you have any feedback or suggestions we'd love to hear from you. Four new project kits now available We're really excited by these new kits. Timed night light kit This dark activated night light also has an 'auto off' function, which turns the colour changing LED off after a defined period of time. This means the kit offers excellent battery life so there is no need for an on/off switch. Deluxe stereo amplifier kit This version of our stereo amplifier has a number of extra functions including, volume control, power switch and LED, and the ability to be powered from a DC power block. It is available with a 3.5mm headphone jack and also with our new iPod lead. Wireless steady hand kit It's a steady hand kit but not as you know it! Gone is the wire that is connected to the 'wand'. Instead your 'body' acts as the wire. Sound meter (VU) kit Perfect for using alongside an amplifier kit. This provides a visual feedback of the sound level. Perspex - Laser sheet sizes We've extended our Perspex range to include many more sheet sizes. With sizes like 600mm x 400mm and 800mm x 450mm, there is now a sheet size to match virtually all laser cutter bed sizes. We also have A4 sized sheets for small projects. Our acrylic range is Perspex branded, which we believe is the best acrylic sheet available. New - Electro Fashion range for textiles For those of you interested in adding electronics into textile products Kitronik's new 'Electro Fashion' range is a must. The range is based around conductive thread, which can be used like normal sewing thread but also can conduct electricity and our specially design sewable coin cell holder. These can be used to add LED's to lots of different textiles projects. If you want to try it out our Electro Fashion kits offer an easy way to get started. These kits are available with a range of different coloured LED's. Extended LED range Over the past few months we've added a number of new products to our LED range. These include: Flexible LED strips. The strips are very easy to use. They simply need a 12V power supply. They are flexible and have an adhesive backing. Strips can be connected together to create longer lengths. UV LED's. If you are looking to make products such as bank note checkers, then these will be ideal. Mega bright white LED's and power LED stars. These LED's pack a punch, so bring your sun glasses! RGB LED's. With a PIC a bit of control software these LED's can produce any colour you want. Learn more about the author

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