Kitronik Spring 2023 Design and Technology Update Flyer

We've now completed work on our spring Design & Technology update flyer 2023 and it's ready for download. It's designed to go along side our most recent full 2022-2023 catalogue, it contains everything that has happened in our materials/coding/kits categories since the catalogue was released. Download via the link below and view it anytime, anywhere.

We uploaded the flyer as a PDF for your convenience. Download it and view it anywhere!


Kitronik Spring 2023 Design and Technology Update Flyer:

As we progressed through last year, the pace at which we added new products kept increasing and increasing. Not only is this good news, it also means the flyer updates will make for interesting reading as 2023 unfolds. We added a lot of new Materials, new coding lines, and new kits, all of which are covered in this flyer. It doesn't stop there, we've also added a bunch of new free resources, Teaching resources for the kits, and enclosure resources for kits and modules.

The above image shows the contents detail, over 40 pages of essential information and project ideas to help your department stay ahead of the game.

Download the Flyer PDF here.


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