Kitronik Summer Design & Technology Flyer 2023

We've now completed work on our Summer Design & Technology Flyer 2023 and it's ready for download. It is designed to go along side our most recent full 2022-2023 catalogue, it contains products, changes made, and new products added to the Design & Technology range since the catalogue was released.

We uploaded the catalogue as a PDF for your convenience. Download it and view it anywhere!

Summer Design & Technology Flyer 2023:

As always, we've actively been on the look out for new additions to our range. We've created some great new products and sourced fantastic products from other companies that we know you'll love. Additionally, we've made some changes to some existing products to add extra functionality to make them even more versatile than they were previously.

We've also produced a number of exciting free resources which include adding Design & Technology Teaching resources to a number of products that didn't previously have them, you'll find details and links for many of these resources in this flyer.


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