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Towards the end of last week, we introduced two new products, one for the makers and one for the noise makers. New to our range are; 2.3mm Laser Rubber A4 sheets and the 3W Hamburger mini speaker.
  Both the Laser compatible rubber and the hamburger mini speakers are in stock and available to order in the Kitronik shop, see below for more details.    

2.3mm Laser Compatible Rubber A4 Sheets:

Laser Rubber _laser_compatible_rubber_a4_210mm_297mm-870

These 2.3mm Grey Laser Rubber A4 (210mm x 297mm) sheets are highly versatile and are the perfect choice for a rubber that will be cut with a laser. When cut it produces no harmful gasses and it doesn't emit any odours, if you've ever cut rubber on a laser cutter before you'll know that this is a great feature. It can be engraved and cut with any type of CO2 laser and offers outstanding engraving and impression quality. Although it has a number of potential uses, it's high resistance to alcohol and water based inks makes it the ideal choice for making custom rubber stamps. Other possible uses include; Making custom seals, rubber feet, protective strips and even durable external decorations for your projects/designs. For more information, view the product page:    

3W Hamburger Mini Speaker:

3340_large_hamburger_mini_3w_speaker-870 The Hamburger Mini Speaker is a 3W economical speaker option for any project needing stand-alone sound with a small footprint. This is the ideal speaker choice for your microbit projects as it will work directly with the Audio cable for the BBC microbit. The Hamburger speaker features a built-in lithium-polymer battery for portable application, a 3.5mm stereo jack (sorry, iPhone 7 users) and two volume options (quiet and loud) to control how loud your sound needs to be. Why call it the Hamburger? When you twist the top and bottom halves of the speaker in opposite directions, it expands out like an accordion extending the bass reflex portion. Each Hamburger Mini Speaker comes with a 1.5ft mini-USB cable for recharging capabilities. For more information, view the product page:

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