Tech Talk - Motor Driver/Robotics Boards For Raspberry Pi Pico - 13th May
The live tech talk team are back with a new talk and this time, it's in the evening! That's right, this tech talk will take place at 6:30PM, which hopefully wont clash with your evening meal. This Live Tech Talk will be covering our all new Motor driver boards for Raspberry Pi Pico, the Compact Robotics board and the Motor Driver board for Raspberry Pi Pico. 

Kevin and Dave will run through the boards in turn and go over; features, applications, and they will also answer any questions you have live. The tech talks take place on Youtube, so you can type your question into chat and we will hop right on it. 

The Time, The Place;


Live Tech Talk -  Motor Driver/Robotics Board For Raspberry Pi Pico - Thurs 13th May:

We have two Compact Motor Driver boards for Raspberry Pi Pico, the Robotics Board and the Motor Driver Board, you can find a brief outline of each below.


Kitronik Motor Driver Board for Raspberry Pi Pico:

The Kitronik compact Motor Driver Board for Raspberry Pi Pico allows the Pico (connected via pin header) to drive two motors simultaneously with full forward, reverse & stop control, making it ideal for Pico controlled buggy projects. Alternatively, the board can be used to power a stepper motor. The board also features the DRV8833 motor driver IC, which has built-in short circuit, over current and thermal protection.

The board also features 4 external connections to GPIO pins and a 3V and GND supply from the Pico. This allows for additional IO options for your buggy builds that can be read or controlled by the Pico. There is also an on/off switch and power status LED. See at a glance if the board is powered up and save your batteries when your project is not in use.

Kitronik Robotics Board for Raspberry Pi Pico:

This Robotics Board enables the Raspberry Pi Pico (connected via pin header) to drive 4 motors (or 2 stepper motors) and 8 servos. It also features 27 other I/O expansion points and Power and Ground connections.

The Robotics Board features 2 Dual H Bridge Motor Driver ICs. These are capable of driving 2 standard motors or 1 stepper motor each, with full forward, reverse, and stop control. There are also 8 servo outputs, capable of driving standard and continuous rotation servos. They can all be controlled by the Pico using the I2C protocol, via a 16 channel driver IC. The IO break out provides connections to all the unused pins on the Pico. The 27 available I/O pins allow other devices, such as sensors or ZIP LEDs, to be added to the board.



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