Loading SmartReelTM Filament
3D Printing - Kitronik University The SmartReelTM system makes changing filament a very straight forward process. This brief guide will cover installing a reel, ejecting a reel and some hints and tips.
  First remove the reel from its packaging. Keep the re-sealable bag and pack of silica gel. This can keep the filament moisture free if you need to store it for an extended period. You should push the reel onto the side of the Robox. The side of the Robox has two cut-outs that match the shape of the reel, align these with a gentle push and the reel should click into place.

IMG_2812 560

IMG_2815 560

Look at the side of the Robox. If you look carefully there are two holes labelled '1' and '2'. You should push the end of the filament into the hole labelled '1'.

IMG_2820 560

You will need to feed the material in until the extruder grabs it. First you will hear the extruder motor start up; keep pushing a little further and you will feel the the extruder start pulling on the material. At this point, you can let the Robox do the work; it will pull the material through until it pushes into the head. At this point, the motor will make a brief stuttering noise as it skips a few steps, this is perfectly normal and how the Robox knows the material has gone all the way. Ejecting the material is even easier. Simply press and hold the button in the centre of the reel for about 3 seconds.

IMG_2823 560

The button will start flashing blue and the eject sequence will begin. This may take a few minutes as the print head needs to warm up before the extruder can eject the material. Once the motor has stopped ejecting the material, give it a gentle pull to remove it completely from the extruder path. Finally, press in the two metal clips (one at the top as pictured and another below) before sliding the reel off the Robox printer.

IMG_2824 560

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