How to Make a Hook and Loop Switch
Soft switches - Kitronik University This Kitronik University resource looks at making a conductive hook and loop switch.


Hook and Loop can be a fantastic switch for switching on and off a soft circuit and can be made from readily available materials. All you need is one strip of conductive hook and loop material, some conductive and non-conductive thread and some backing fabric. Have a look a the video below to see it in use in a circuit.
  In our case we have attached some stiffer backing fabric onto our main material using non-conductive thread.


Then, simply sew on the hook and loop strips, one onto each piece of fabric with conductive thread making sure that there are exposed contact points at each side of the fabric to connect the rest of the project to.


Finally, either attach clips such as crocodile leads onto the contacts, or continue sewing with conductive thread to complete your circuit.


Hook and Loop Material pressed together to close switch and complete circuit.

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