Maker Faire UK 2014
Geoff, Kevin, Aaron and Rob have had a few days to recover from the unforgettable, maker-driven festival weekend that was crammed with ingenuity, invention and good humour. The Maker Faire took place at the Life Science Centre in Newcastle on April 26-27 and, boy, wasn't it a good one!


If you didn't attend the Maker Faire last weekend, check out our snapshots below and if you were lucky enough to be there, well, you can relive the excitement here! Stay tuned to our Blog for more in-depth articles that detail our favourite 2014 makers - coming soon!

UK_Maker_Faire_2014_enteranceThe Life Science Centre entrance


UK_Maker_Faire_2014_Kitronik_Stand2Geoff, Kevin and Aaron showcasing our Electronic and E-Textiles Project Kits

UK_Maker_Faire_2014_CatThe popular Electro-Fashion Cat with flashing green eyes (as the right ear is squeezed)

UK_Maker_Faire_2014_Heat_Changing_SkirtOpposite our stand: Enter The Fold - a kind of textile topography.  A novel use of E-Textiles without using LEDs - parts of this dress light up in response to the warmth of the electrical pads in the lining of the dress.  Look out for our full blog coming soon.

UK_Maker_Faire_2014_Giant_TurtleTurbo the Disco Turtle: a wonderfully ornate psychedelic turtle who comes complete with a bubble machine and sound-system, playing ambient beats inspired by his journey through the ocean!

UK_Maker_Faire_2014_DragonElsie the Dragon

UK_Maker_Faire_2014_Giant_Walking_RobotBinbot (built from 33 pink wheelie-bins) taking to the streets of Newcastle

UK_Maker_Faire_2014_Intel_GalilieoIntel® exhibiting the Galileo board

UK_Maker_Faire_2014_Hackspace_MapA map of every Hackspace in the UK!

UK_Maker_Faire_2014_BarBotRoBar: a robotic bartender using Arduino technology

UK_Maker_Faire_2014_Giant_Big_TrakA 'bighak' of the bigtrak

UK_Maker_Faire_2014_Just_Add_Sharks_LasersDominic from Just Add Sharks

UK_Maker_Faire_2014_Knitting_RobotAgnes Roboknit: a humanoid robot who uses a custom-made steel loom to knit hats and scarves

UK_Maker_Faire_2014_kevin_pixelatedPixomat pixilated Kevin

UK_Maker_Faire_2014_Sketchy_step1A robot portrait artist taking a digital photograph of Aaron...

UK_Maker_Faire_2014_Sketchy_step2...a computer then converts the photograph into a line drawing and actions the robot to sketch the photo onto paper...

UK_Maker_Faire_2014_Sketchy_step3...the end result! Giant Sketchy coming soon!

UK_Maker_Faire_2014_SolderingSoldering station with Mitch Altman

UK_Maker_Faire_2014_Star_WarsThere was something in the air at Maker Faire last weekend, something that brought together even the worst of enemies...

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