Kitronik Materials Spring Update Flyer 2020
The Materials Spring Update Flyer 2020 is now out and should be landing in your school soon. We've also uploaded a pdf version here that you can access while you wait for your hard copy. All you need is an internet connection and browser. View it anytime, anywhere. Materials update flyer hero image Over the last year, we've been hard at work sourcing new materials to supplement our ever-growing ranges.  The work is ongoing but keep an eye out for the New! tags in the flyer. Additionally, we've been sourcing new sheet sizes of existing materials. The update features all of this and more, see how you can power up your department this spring!  

Materials Spring Update Flyer 2020:

If your school's hard copy doesn't arrive, you can request that one be sent by clicking here. Make sure you don't miss out on other news by signing up for our newsletter here. Can't wait those few seconds for your PDF to download, then we've created a preview of some of the latest products and popular lines...  

Value Acrylic

Keep your laser cutters cutting for longer with our new Value Range of cheap acrylic sheets. A high-quality acrylic for a fraction of the price. In fact, you can save more than 25% with our Value Acrylic compared to our branded alternatives. Ideal for school projects or prototyping, our cheaper acrylic sheets come in a wide variety of colours. So how have we managed to keep the cost so low? Colours may slightly vary between batches, but that is it. It's definitely worth a try!
Materials update flyer value cheap acrylic sheet image

Glitter Acrylic Range

Add some sparkle to your project with our Glitter Acrylic to create a professional-looking finish that is bound to catch the eye! With evenly distributed glitter particles and a high-gloss surface, we've got a fantastic range of colours to choose from! Materials update flyer glitter acrylic image    

Perspex Royals Acrylic Sheets

Meet with royalty with these luxury acrylic sheets that have a beautiful metallic shimmer, with a chromatic effect. From King Henry Red to Queen Elizabeth Blue, we have a great range of deep luxurious colours that are bound to give a high-quality feel! Materials update flyer royal acrylic image     Finally, make sure you don't miss out on any other news or products by signing up for our newsletter here. Download the Materials Spring Update Flyer 2020 here.

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