More MDF Sheets!
Thanks to the massive popularity of our 600mm x 400mm Laser Compatible MDF sheets, we're bringing you an ever increasing range of MDF sheets. We have now increased the range of our MDF in new 9mm, 12mm and 18mm thicknesses! Thicker MDF can be used in a variety of applications including making sturdy models by layering the MDF sheets up against one another.


600mm x 400mm Laser Compatible MDF Sheet

The new thicknesses and sizes can be found in a list below:

9mm Laser Compatible MDF Sheets:

12mm Laser Compatible MDF Sheets:

18mm Laser Compatible MDF Sheets:

You can also shape the MDF sheets with a laser cutter (if you have a powerful laser cutter) with designs imported from specialist software such as Autodesk Inventor (you can export 3D designs as 2D drawings) and AutoCAD, a specialist 2D drawing software. Both of which are available for free for educational institutions and educators. Thicker MDF sheets are particularly popular for making free-standing letters and numbers as ornaments. Just give them a lick of paint and you can arrange them in any way you like! You could also make stylised house numbers for your house and paint them to give your house an interesting spectacle and an added home-made touch. If you're feeling adventurous; you could even make your own free-standing Christmas Trees and paint them different colours with your family over the festive season. So that's about all from us here at Kitronik for some You can keep up to date with all of the latest products and news from Kitronik by signing up to our newsletter here.

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