:MOVE mini Halloween Ghost & Pumpkin Shells

Turn your :Move mini into a spooky Halloween pumpkin or ghost with these 3D Printed bodies! All you need is a 3D printer, some screws, a :MOVE mini for the BBC microbit, and some code.

 You can download our designs and our code using the links below. We've produced more than one version of the code to give you more colour options, you can also edit the files by dropping them into the MakeCode editor and altering the code for a colour of your choosing.  

NOTE: These designs were produced for :MOVE mini MK1. Subsequent versions had slightly larger sizes and as such you will need to tweak the designs to fit the new version.

Files & Links:


:MOVE mini Halloween Ghost & Pumpkin Shells:

ghost dark open top

Step 1

3d-print-ghost-move-mini-microbit-1000 Print the pumpkin in orange or the ghost in white or clear filament at 5% infill and place your :Move mini inside.  

Step 2

3d-print-pumpkin-move-mini-microbit-1000 Fix in place with two countersunk M3x8mm screws as shown. These will thread straight into the plastic.  


Code your :Move mini to be remote controlled and use the Zip LEDs to make it glow in the dark! Place the lid back on and you’re ready to go! You will find our code in the list of links at the top of the resource. 3d-print-ghost-pumpkin-move-mini-microbit-1000

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