:MOVE mini Servo Powered Halloween Add-ons
Turn your :MOVE mini into an evil Halloween robot with one of 5 weapons! Choose from two scythes, an axe, a pickaxe or a sword. Engage in competition or code them for autonomous movement as part of a display. move-mini-halloween microbit This is one for the laser cutter, cut out the parts from the files provided in the links below and then follow the step by step guide to adding them to the :MOVE mini.  

Files & Links:


:MOVE mini Servo Powered Halloween Add-ons: 


Step 1:

Presentation1 Convert your Servo:Lite board for use of three servos. Follow this link for details on how to do this. https://kitronik.co.uk/blogs/resources/3-servos-with-the-servolite-board/  

Step 2

move-mini-micro-bit-servo-powered-add-ons-parts-1000 Choose your choice of attachment and laser cut the parts required from any colour of Perspex Sheet. Use two M3x8mm screws to fix the parts together.  

Step 3

move-mini-micro-bit-servo-powered-add-ons-parts-screw-1000 Fix the servo to the pen mounting plate using double sided tape, glue or similar. Next, fit the single servo control horn with the mounting screw as shown. Push-fit this onto the servo and screw in place with the small servo screw.  

Step 4:

move-mini-micro-bit-servo-powered-add-ons-top-1000 Now fit the pen mounting plate back into position and join the servo cables onto the new pins on the Servo:Lite board. Note: The wires for the third servo should be in the reverse order to those of the servos driving the wheels.  

Step 5

Begin coding your microbit! Use the code provided to drive your : Move mini with a controller (second microbit and battery pack required) which also activates the third servo, swinging down the weapon.

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