Must Read - New Computing Flyer 2020
We've recently sent out our new Computing Products Flyer which should've landed in your schools by now! A digital version has also been uploaded so that everyone can get up-to-date on our latest products. Here at Kitronik, we've been working hard to introduce a great range of new products. From our brand new Kitronik ARCADE to our new Kitronik ZIP Halo HD, the new flyer is bursting with exciting products! So if you're interested in all things micro:bit, coding or robotics then it is a definite must-read.  

How To Download Your Copy 

To make it simple for you, we've put our flyer directly into a PDF format. View it anywhere without the hassle of interacting with a previous interface. Either view it in your browser or download it to your device and take it wherever you go! Also, if your school's hard copy did not arrive this month, you can request one to be sent by clicking here.  

Preview Of Our New Products

If you just can't wait those few seconds for the PDF to load, then we've created a preview of some of the latest products we've launched...  

Kitronik ZIP Halo HD

A massive step-up from the previous ZIP Halo, now with 60 full-colour ZIP LEDs, an RTC and integrated microphone on board, plus much more! Our website also has some free pre-coded projects that you can use to get started immediately. If you want to find out more about the Halo HD, you can simply click here. ZIP Halo HD turned on with a rainbow effect.  

Kitronik Discovery Kit for BBC micro:bit

Designed for those who are brand new to programming and electronics, our brand new Discovery Kit includes 5 fun experiments so you can transition from novice to natural! It uses simple drag and drop coding, requires no soldering and has challenges to push yourself further too. To find out more, simply click here. Trying out the Discovery Kit putting LEDs, resistors and a micro:bit onto a breadboard.  

Kitronik - Lesson in a Box - Visual Computing Pack

Our newest product, and one that has been launched since the new flyer, is our Visual Computing Pack. Incorporating our new ZIP Halo into a complete set of teaching resources to enable cross-curricular lessons at KS3/4. Working alongside award-winning teachers, we've created a pack that includes lessons that are suitable for all. Want to find out more? Simple click here. Examples of projects from new Lesson in a Box - Visual Computing Pack. Including a mood lamp, a kaleidoscope and a ZIP Halo HD   Finally, make sure you don't miss out on any other news or products by signing up for our newsletter here. 

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