New Product Update: Back to School Tools
Is your D&T Department prepared for the start of term? With the summer holidays drawing to a close, we have stripped our new product lines back to basics with yet more hand tools! We also have new Copper Track Tape with Conductive Adhesive and Lime Zest Frosted Perspex Sheets - perfect for product design projects.


Let's begin with the above... these Economy Automatic Wire Strippers are unbelievably great value. They strip up to 25mm lengths of all types of wire with a cross section of 0.2-6mm. They have a self-adjusting mechanism (no dial on the back) and an additional cable cutter. Next up, we have a 4 Piece Duratool Tweezer Set: back_to_school_tools_blog_560_02 Sometimes you need to work with components just too small to pick up with your hands. This 4 Piece Stainless Steel Duratool Tweezer Set (including needle, angle, straight and flat point tweezers) is just the job for those fiddly, precision parts.

Copper Track Tape with Conductive Adhesive

back_to_school_tools_blog_560_01 This Copper Track Tape is 5mm wide and is supplied with adhesive allowing it to be fixed onto a surface, before components are soldered to it, in order to make a simple circuit. As the adhesive is conductive, a strip of tape can be placed on top of another piece of tape and it electrically connects. The tape is 0.035mm thick and the roll is 33m in length.

New Lime Zest Frosted Perspex Sheets

back_to_school_tools_blog_560_04 Our new Lime Zest Frosted Perspex acrylic sheets are 3mm in thickness and are cut to 1000mm x 600mm or 600mm x 400mm (nominal) sheets. They have a double sided matt finish, which gives an effect that is similar to sand blasted or etched glass. Sign up to our newsletter for back to school updates HERE.

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