New Product Update: Laser Materials!
Our Birch Laser Plywood sheets have proved so popular with schools and makers that we have decided to extend our range of laser materials. We now supply Poplar Laser Plywood and Laser Compatible MDF!


How is Poplar different to Birch Laser Plywood? Poplar is a cultivated wood that grows quickly, which makes it a very sustainable product. The advantage that Poplar has over Birch when laser cutting is that it is lower density, meaning that it can be cut easily at lower power settings. Poplar also has little (or no) internal knots, which also aids consistency of cutting. The difference can be seen in the two images above, which were both cut on our laser cutter at the same power and speed. We supply Poplar Laser Plywood, Laser Compatible MDF and Birch Laser Plywood in 3mm and 6mm thicknesses, cut to 600mm x 400mm sheets - all highly versatile, suitable for enclosures and many other applications. CLICK HERE for the full range.

Enclosure inspiration

lloyd Wilson 1_square

Lloyd Wilson's Steam Punk Iris Lamp at Caerleon Comprehensive School


Steph Ward's Aroma Fan Radiogram at Meole Brace School

EPSON DSC picture

Year 10 iPod amplifier docking station at the Hardenhuish School.

See our full Gallery here - get in touch if you have anything you want featuring on our Gallery or Blog.

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