New Product Update: Temperature Sensor & Digital Barometer Breakout Boards
We have recently been developing a variety of breakout boards with the idea of making it easier for you to connect a whole range of devices into your project. We have eight new Breakout Boards in total - this week we begin with the Temperature Sensor and Digital Barometer Breakout Boards.


Kitronik Temperature Sensor Breakout Board

You can measure temperature to an accuracy of up to 1C and temperature resolution of 0.0625C with this Temperature Sensor Breakout Board.

The device also features an over-temperature alert pin which is highly configurable. The temperature is read via an I2C bus. Since the device has 3 address pins it is possible to connect 8 devices on the same bus, a useful feature for comparing temperatures at several locations at once. The device can operate off either a 3V or 5V supply. new_product_breakout_board_blog_560_01

Kitronik Digital Barometer Breakout Board (MPL115A2)

Read the pressure with this Digital Barometer Breakout Board; it uses a MPL115A2 IC which provides temperature compensated pressure readings accurate to 1kPa via I2C.

This board uses a MPL115A2 digital barometer which can provide a temperature compensated pressure reading. The sensor can measure pressures between 50 kPa to 115 kPa Absolute Pressure with an accuracy of 1 kPa. The board supports a wide range of input voltages (2.4V 5.5V) and uses I2C. When selecting an input voltage to use, keep in mind that pulling the SHDN and RST pins above the input voltage will cause malfunctions. On board I2C bus pull-ups are included and can be enabled by attaching a jumper across PL2.

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