New Robox 3D Printer Starter Pack!
Whether you are starting off in the world of 3D Printing or you are looking for a compact, 3D Printer for your School; the Robox 3D Printer Starter Pack is a perfect way for you to get printing and making your designs come true!


A selection of ABS Smartreels 

The Robox 3D Starter Pack includes a Robox 3D Printer (for making your creations come alive!) and a total of 10 reels of ABS filament (including one already inserted in the Robox to get you off to a flying start). You will get at least 9 different colours and the 10th reel is the one supplied with the printer (this colour may be a duplicate). This pack including the filament is available for just £950 (ex VAT), saving you a grand total of £117! (when compared to items purchased separately). The saving is perfect for your school as students will want to print off as many 3D models as possible from the provided Robox 3D Printer. This gives you the piece of mind that you won't run out of filament any time soon!


A reel of filament is already inserted in the Robox 3D Printer, allowing you to install the Automaker software onto your computer and start printing in next to no time.


A screenshot of the Automaker software

We've made a video covering all of the unique features of the Robox 3D desktop printer below:

Introducing: The Robox 3D Printer

If you already have a Robox 3D Printer, you can fill up on our extensive range of ABS and PLA Smartreel filaments. Don't forget to check this space as we will be adding more types of filament in the upcoming weeks to make your 3D prints more diverse than ever! You can see a 3D printed model using our new Crystal Clear ABS Smartreel filament below:


Crystal Clear ABS Smartreel filament

We also sell parts for your Robox including the Robox Dual Nozzle 3D Printer Head. Having an additional 3D Printer head enables you to switch types and colours of filament seamlessly. You can also buy the Robox 3D Printer separately with our specialised support, so you can have every confidence in your prints.


Robox Dual Nozzle 3D Printer Head

We hope you enjoy your Robox 3D Starter Pack and we would love to see what you have been printing using your Robox 3D Printer so why not show us by emailing us. We can also keep you informed when we have new types of Smartreel filament available through our newsletter. You can keep up to date by signing up to our newsletter here.


Mark Donnison

Mark Donnison

Hi Dave, Robox do a filament called Polyflex that is relatively soft and flexible when set. At present we don't stock this line so you would have to source it directly from Robox. Here is some info;

Dave Smith

Dave Smith

Hello, I am interested in a Robox 3D Printer (Starter Pack). I need to establish if is is possible to print any types of rubber material using 3D printers? Many Thanks Dave Smith

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