Nottingham Trent University First Year Design & Technology Projects
In partnership with Nottingham Trent University’s Design and Technology faculty, Kitronik assisted with a brief for first year undergraduate students, designing and making an item as part of their studying of E-textiles and inspired by our Electro-Fashion ® range.


You can read the brief below: ‘A new and exciting area within the design and technology curriculum is that of e-textiles. Electronic and computational technology can be imbedded within fabric. This is a growing field within fashion and textiles. Kitronik have developed a range of e-textile products called the Electro-Fashion ® range. Buechley (2006) argues that e-textiles has the potential to appeal to a “different class of user” within electronics. For this project, you are asked to showcase the Electro-Fashion ® range, through the design and manufacture of an e-textile product that will appeal to a 'different class of user'. The students came in to see us, and to discuss their projects up front, and of course to take away a variety of E-Textiles components and conductive thread away with them, and have a tour of the facilities we use to manufacture these components.


We then sent Rob and Aaron along to NTU to see the students present their work and talk about their projects in more detail. Along with course leader Sara Davies, they left more than impressed by the ideas the students had come up with. We have picked out some of the projects for you have a look at too and perhaps be inspired by, and we'll be taking a closer look at some of those in the weeks to come.



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