NTU (SKE) in Design and Technology 2015
Last week we attended the final presentation of the NTU Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) students, a course for graduates with a degree in a subject other than D&T, who wish to train as secondary Design and Technology teachers. They had spent a lot of the last seven weeks working on their projects, and we were excited to see what the four groups came up with.


Their brief was: "Create a range of resources for Kitronik University that include:
  • A video tutorial for the manufacture of a soft component.
  • A high quality photograph of a wearable e-Textile product, on the theme of 'Being Visible' that incorporates your soft component/s.
  • An Instructable tutorial to describe your design and make process for the wearable e-Textile product."


It was great to see some really original ideas for using e-textiles, and the students' presentations showed great promise for their future D&T teaching careers. The process had clearly been tackled in a systematic and thorough method, with all of the groups adding feedback at the end about how they might do things differently in the future, showing great promise of being able to teach those critical thinking skills to the next generation of designers and engineers. Over the next few months we'll be adding these to the Kitronik University, so you can look forward to a specialist cyclists indicating glove, a very stylish bag light, a night time exercise visibility light and an electronic classroom traffic light system designed to make it easier for young students to get the attention of a teacher when needing assistance.


At the end of the presentation all of the students were presented with their certificates. We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of the students, teachers and myriad of support staff at NTU for producing some great quality products and tutorials, and wish the students all the best in their future careers. You can follow NTU Secondary Art & Design /Design & Technology Trainee Teachers twitter account here.

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