Our New Website is Here!
Welcome! We have worked extremely hard to ensure that this website offers the best possible customer experience for all. We are so happy with the way that the website looks and functions. 2056_KIT01_Computer-screen_001_v1_800px See the site’s main features below (our new integrated search facility, product filtering and our new style blog) and get browsing to see for yourself!


A thorough search is key to a successful shop. Our new and improved search engine provides much greater speed and efficiency. If you know what it is that you’d like to order, try typing the product name into the search box in the right hand corner. This search will generate a list of product related results (with the most relevant at the top) and article related results lower down the page such as useful resources, videos, gallery images and more. Furthermore, you can now also filter our Project Kits, LEDs, and Perspex categories by product features. Begin to narrow your search by selecting, for instance, ‘Project Kits’ on the left hand side. New website - Project Kits Not sure which range of project kits you need to select? You can narrow your search further by scrolling down to ‘Shopping Options’. New website - Shipping Options Let’s say that you are looking for an Easy Build Kit and so you’d select the ‘Easy Build Kits’ option. You can then select more categories to trim the product results down even further. You can sort the results by Key Stage suitability, the price range that would suit your budget, and more. See the example below, which would leave you with the following project kits to select from: Rear Bike Light Project Kit, Light Activated Switch, Coin Cell Power Board, and Heat Activated Switch. Manipulate your search to suit your needs. New website - Shopping Options example Our product pages now include much more information: product information, technical information and media (example projects, resources, videos, etc., which have all been transferred from our old website).


Need your goods sooner than our standard delivery service can provide? You can now upgrade your shipping method! New website - Shopping Options International orders will also be able to be placed on the new website, which is something that we are extremely excited about: getting our electronic project kits in more schools and to more hobbyists across the globe. Although this service isn’t available just yet, it is something that we are working on and we will keep you updated on this development – you should be able to place International orders on this website within the next couple of weeks.

Blog and Resources

Not only will our new website offer ease of navigation and clarified product descriptions, but it will also be much more interactive. The website now features a Blog, which shall be updated regularly and, therefore, keep you up-to-date with all of our new products and changes that are made to the Design and Technology Curriculum. We also intend to share articles and projects that we feel are interesting, fun, educational, and inspiring (of course all Design and Technology related). We hope that you will enjoy reading them as much as we do!

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