Pairing A microbit That's Attached To :MOVE mini

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This is a short guide detailing pairing a microbit that's already attached to a :MOVE mini. If you forgot to pair it with your phone before completing assembly, then this is the guide for you! We'll show you that having an inaccessible reset button is not a problem. Pairing A microbit -move-mini-main-1000 How frustrating is it when you've put something together only to find that you neglected an important step early on. We've all been there! Sometimes it's as simple as forgetting to thread a flex through plug cover, and sometimes...  

Pairing A microbit That's Attached To A :MOVE mini:

Fortunately, this is one of the rare cases when forgetting a step doesn't matter! No dismantling is required, and no :MOVE minis will be harmed during this procedure! In the following video, we show how you would usually manage the pairing process. Below the video, we detail how the process changes for a microbit that is already connected to a Servo:Lite board.
  The Servo:Lite board has a handy On/Off switch, located at the top of the board. This switch is still fully accessible when the board is inserted into a :MOVE mini chassis. You can use this switch instead of using the reset button on the microbit. Pairing A microbit move-mini-demo-1000 So, to start the pairing process you:
  • Ensure the power button on the Servo:Lite board is in the off position.
  • Press the A and B buttons on the microbit simultaneously.
  • Turn the Servo:Lite board power switch into the On position, whilst still holding the A and B buttons.
You can now continue the rest of the paring process in the usual way.  

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