Parent's Complete Guide To The BBC micro:bit
We are very pleased to introduce the Kitronik Parent's Complete Guide To The BBC micro:bit. We've created this free resource to help parent's get actively involved in helping their children learn how to code. The guide contains everything you need to introduce your children to the microbit, even if you have no prior coding experience yourself. Complete Guide To The BBC micro:bit The BBC microbit is a fantastic and cost-effective bit of tech to learn to code with.  Not only is the board itself packed full of features, there are great online coding editors available, and there are tons of learning resources online, many of which are free. Despite the ever-growing list of free resources available, sometimes it can be hard to know where to start. Which is why we produced this guide. If you don't have a BBC micro:bit, you can pick one up here.  

Parent's Complete Guide To The BBC micro:bit At A Glance:

Topics Covered: Coding Challenges:
  • A little micro:bit history.
  • An overview of what the micro:bit is and the tech that it contains.
  • How to power the micro:bit.
  • How to write code, transfer it to the microbit, and then how to run the program.
  • The different coding and editor options that are available for the micro:bit.
  • Six coding challenges with detailed solutions.
  • Hello World.
  • Coding a micro:bit compass.
  • Measuring temperature with the micro:bit.
  • Counting up and down using the buttons.
  • Code a dice that works when you shake the micro:bit.
  • Transmitting information between two micro:bits.
By the time you've gone through the guide, you and your children will have a solid understanding of what the micro:bit is and how to write code for it. You'll also have a handle on some key coding concepts that will give them a good foundation for further learning.  

Download The Parent's Guide Or View It Online:

In a bid to make the guide as accessible as possible we've produced it as a PDF so you can download it, and we've also put it online so you can access it on the move.

Further Reading:

If this whets your appetite for more, you'll be pleased to note that we have a lot more free micro:bit coding resources over at the Kitronik University. Nearly all of the resources contain explanations and code downloads.   Always be in the loop, sign up for our main newsletter here.

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