New Product Update: Bluetooth Amplifier Kit
We're very excited to announce that, after much testing and tweaking, we are now shipping our new Bluetooth Amplifier Kit! This is the perfect kit for those that want to design their own wireless amplifier case for use with a mobile phone, tablet or personal computer.

2160_Bluetooth Amplifier Kit_front cover

The Bluetooth Amplifier Kit is available in 3 different formats; on its own with no speakers, with 4ohm 65mm speakers included or with 8ohm 100mm speakers included. We thought it would be useful to take a detailed look at its features, what is included with each buying option and also how it works.  

Bluetooth Amplifier Kit Main Features At A Glance:

At every step of its development, ease of use was they key phrase that features were measured against. With that in mind, the user interface is simply an off switch. Everything that could be set to be automatic has been, meaning that it is as user-friendly as we could make it. Pairing is initiated by your mobile device when pairing for the first time, once paired the kit will automatically look for paired devices that are stored in its memory when it is powered on and reconnect with one of them. The Bluetooth Amplifier Kit is also fixed gain, meaning that volume adjustments are solely done from your mobile device, this ensures that once powered on and paired you don't have to interact with the amp itself again until it's time to switch it off. See below for more information:  
  • 3W audio amplifier with Bluetooth link (based on a fully CE compliant module).
  • Supports both 4Ω and 8Ω speakers.
  • Play music from a phone, tablet or computer wirelessly.
  • Simple user interface, via single on / off switch.
  • Auto reconnects to the last device on power up unless it can’t be found when it enters pairing mode.
  • LED and sounds indicate status information such as ‘paring’.
  • Optional connection point for off board LED, for designs where the USB power and LED want to be on different enclosure faces.
  • Pauses music when the phone rings and diverts audio back to the handset (subject to compatible phone).
  • Operates from a 1A USB supply or LiPo battery (both available separately).
  • Includes automatic LiPo battery charging for battery capacities between 400mAh and 1000mAh.
  • Automatic power switch over between PSU and battery (when battery present).
  • 28 hours continuous operation off a 1000mAh battery at ‘normal’ volume.
  • Slide switch supplied unmounted so an alternative power switch can be used.
  • Speakers supplied unconnected allowing cable lengths and cable routeing to be personalised to specific enclosure designs.

Bluetooth Amplifier Kit Overview And Options:

2160-Bluetooth Amplifier Kit-label-870

For all three versions of the Bluetooth Amplifier Kit the boards are sent out as shown above; with all of the parts, except the power switch and speakers, already soldered to the surface of the PCB. Each of the options comes with a power switch and 1M of speaker wire, both the switch and the wire are supplied unconnected to allow for more user enclosure design flexibility and to allow you to place your power switch, or alternative switch, away from the main PCB. The table below indicates what is included with each of the three buying options:
Buying Option. Pre-built PCB. Power Switch. Speaker Wire. 2 x 65mm 4 ohm speakers. 2 x 100mm 8 ohm speakers.
2160K x x
2160-A x
2160-B x
  Video, introduction to the Bluetooth Amplifier Kit:

Pairing With Your Mobile Device:

To pair the Bluetooth Amplifier Kit to a device (provided it is not already paired), use the device's Bluetooth settings menu to search for new Bluetooth devices. The Bluetooth Amplifier will appear as ‘KITRONIK AMP’ followed by a 5 digit unique ID specific to the particular unit being used. To change to another device the current device requires ‘un-pairing’. Again this is done from the device's Bluetooth settings. Once complete the Bluetooth Amp automatically enters pairing mode again. If the Bluetooth Amplifier Kit is powered down and back up it will automatically connect to any Bluetooth device previously paired to in range. If there are none in range it will automatically enter pairing mode.  

Powering The Bluetooth Amplifier Kit:

The Kit can be powered from either (or both) a micro USB power supply or LiPo battery. The power switch turns the power to the whole circuit fully off. This, therefore, needs to be in the ‘on’ position for the battery to charge,  though the circuit automatically enters a low-power mode when not in use.

2160_Bluetooth Amplifier Kit_connected

Note: When using a USB power supply. It is important to use a high quality USB power supply that can deliver a minimum of 1A while also providing a stable 5V supply. If this is not the case ‘clipping’ or ‘cutting out’ may be experienced when used at high volumes.
Bluetooth Amplifier Kit Power Specifications.
Operating Voltage (USB supply). 4.5V – 5.5V
Supported LiPo Battery Capacity. 400mAh to 1000mAh
Operating voltage (LiPo battery). 3.1V – 4.2V
Nominal Current in standby mode. 5 mA
Nominal Current ‘normal’ volume. 35 mA
Nominal Current max volume. 120 mA

Designing Custom Enclosures:

When designing this Bluetooth Amplifier Kit, as well as ease of use, we kept in mind that the majority of people using this kit would want to design their own enclosures, either for home use or as part of a school design and technology assignment. With that in mind, we ensured that the completed PCB was small in size and shaped in such a way that it is easy to manage.

2160_Bluetooth Amplifier Kit_example

An example of a custom enclosure. 
You can find detailed technical drawings of the Bluetooth Amplifier Kit and the speaker options in the Product Information PDF. pdf_icon.gif


More Information:

For more information, visit the product page here.




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Mark Donnison

Mark Donnison

Hi Hammaad, a quick way to test that the Bluetooth amp is working is to try connecting to it with your phone or tablet. If you are still having issues, our support team can be reached via email and they will be happy to help you track down what the issue is:



Hi, I have brought these speaker kit for while now, I was trying to connect it to my laptop as has Bluetooth but could not install properly as could not find the device driver for the speaker. It said to get the device driver from the manufacturer website, which I have no clue now if the speaker Bluetooth works with laptop or not?

Mark Donnison

Mark Donnison

Hi Jason, the shipping would be roughly £65 but our site draws information directly from UPS so it can vary up or down, depending on their criteria. I hope this helps.



Could you provide me with a cost to ship 20 of these items to NSW, Australia 2330. Thanks Jason

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