Protect Your Wolfblood Secrets With The microbit
The BBC microbit has teamed up with CBBC drama Wolfbood. Discover how you can use your microbit to create secure boxes and to create an ID badge in order to protect the Wolfblood secrets. The BBC have provided video walk-throughs, featuring key cast members, and detailed instructions to help you with the projects. Wolfblood-microbit-secrets-main-870 Wolfblood is a teen television drama that is now into its 5th season and is a British-German co-production between CBBC &ZDF/ZDFE. First airing in September 2012, the series follows the fortunes of the Wolfbloods, part human and part wolf they live amongst us can turn into wolves at will. As they are sometimes hunted by humans, they have learned to protect their secrets and that is where the microbit comes in...  

Protect Your Wolfblood Secrets With The microbit:

The videos below detail three ways in which you can use the microbit to help protect Segolias secrets. There is an alarm box, a perfume spray box and a signaling badge. You can find more detailed information on the the BBC's Make it Digital Website.  

TJ Demonstrates His Alarm Box:

  The radio key system for the security box is seriously cool, but there are lots of different ways to add a key or password system to your micro:bit. Louis (who plays TJ on Wolfblood) shows you how to add a combination lock.  

Selina Demonstrates Her Perfume Security Box:

  Selina and Katrina have been planning late at night at the Kafe - inventing devices is a lot of hard work. Hiding the secrets somewhere safe is a sensible bet, but where? Selina seems to have the right idea with a booby-trapped box, but it's no good unless they have a way to disable the trap. This is where the micro:bit comes in handy.  

Jack Demonstrates The Signalling Badge:

  There's a whole lot you can invent with a microbit - TJ came up with his own version of the alarmed box, but catching a spy before they even get to your secrets is another great way to keep things secure. It's not hard to tell who's who up close, but how do you tell your fellow agents apart at a distance? Or in the dark?  

For more information:

  • You can find more information on these projects on the BBC's Make it Digital Website.
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  • Catch the Make It Digital news as it happens, on twitter.

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