SparkFun Kits Now Available
A range of new kits and products from SparkFun Electronics have recently been introduced. These kits are typically more advanced than the kits we currently sell and includes the incredibly popular Arduino development platform. The products are perfect for after school clubs and gifted students who would like to make a more advanced electronics project for a GCSE or A-Level course. sparkfun_kits_now_availale_01

New advanced kit range

These well designed kits are great fun to build and result in a highly usable product once constructed. They are well documented and there are supporting resources available to download from our website. sparkfun_kits_now_availale_02 The available kits include:
  • Multi-meter kit (shown top)
  • Metro-Gnome kit
  • High power audio amplifier kit
  • ‘Simon Says’ game kit
The kits are all supplied in retail boxes which also makes them ideal gifts. sparkfun_kits_now_availale_03 Find out about the full SparkFun range here

Arduino – going beyond PICs

For students and teachers that want to go beyond whatthey can achieve with PICs and flow chart software Arduino is the natural choice. Arduino is based on simple microcontroller boards (like the Ardunio Uno shown right) and the Arduino software development environment which is FREE to download. This allows software programs to be developed using a ‘C’ style programming language. There is an enormous amount of example code available to get you started and provide project ideas. To add extra hardware functionality a range of ‘shield’ add on boards are available for the Uno. sparkfun_kits_now_availale_04 For more information please read our Arduino article here Learn more about the author

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