Team Memory Game: Manufacturing
This second part in our series brings to you how we made and put the design of the Team Memory Game into reality. Luckily, here at Kitronik's HQ we have our own laser cutter that proved indispensable to the manufacturing of so many unique parts.


Each individual part was designed on the Dassault Draft Sight software and then cut on the compatible laser cutter. Each piece took on average 5-10 minutes to be cut and was then assembled onto a wooden frame (see below).


We used our own 3mm Birch Plywood for the side panels for the base unit were screwed into place and the circuitry was added on the bottom side once it had been programmed by Geoff (see previous blog post).


In order to disperse the LED Strip lights so the players could concentrate on remembering the sequence, we used our own 3mm Clear Frosted Perspex so the light would be dissipated evenly throughout the surface, and provide a solid block of colour.


Overall, the process from start to finish took about a month spread over 6 months and a team of three people. A vertical scoreboard was constructed and designed with portability in mind for transporting to and from fares and events. A foldable plywood scoreboard with hinges was designed and made (as demonstrated by Deloria, below).


The surface facing the players was covered with Frosted Perspex to dissipate and provide block colour to the current Team's progress. 1W Warm White LED's built in to the top of the backboard reflect the amount of time the Team have got left where the Frosted Perspex emphasizes the LED's on the surface, making them more noticeable.


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