Tech Talk & Product Launch - Thurs 30th June @ 10:30AM BST

The Kitronik tech team are back with another tech-filled talk! This time, it's going to be a little different... We will be talking you through the ins and outs of an exciting kit, but we can't tell you which one as it hasn't launched yet. Who thought it could be this exciting. What we can tell you is that this kit is great for learning at home and in the classroom and it can be used for cross curricular learning.

Kevin and Dave are poised to give it a thorough run through and show you how it can help teachers in the classroom. They will also be answering questions live, so be sure to ask anything that you are unsure about. You don't want to miss this one!

The Time, The Place;

  • The Time: Thurs 30th June @ 10:30AM BST.
  • The Place: YouTube Live.
  • The Subject: The Kitronik ???

The Kitronik...???:


The Kitronik ??? is an exciting new kit that will work equally well at home and in the classroom. In Schools, the kit can be used across more than one subject to deliver interesting, informative, and engaging lessons. It's definitely not a 1 hour and done kit, there is enough within the kit to deliver hours of learning. The kit comes with documentation that goes through everything in detail which allows a teacher to put together a number of engaging lessons with minimal effort.

We can't let any more of the cat out of the bag than we already have, but it's a definite winner! Set your reminder by clicking the button below and join us next Thursday to find out more!


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