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Hi, we are back with a New tech talk. Join Kevin on Thurs 24th Aug 10:30AM BST as he explores our diverse range of Kitronik Inventor's Kits. He will be going over the full range, including Inventor's kits for; micro:bit, Raspberry Pi Pico, Arduino, add-ons, and our translated versions. Kevin will look over each and spend some time talking about the wealth of freely downloadable resources and bonus online only experiments.

We will also do our best to answer any questions that you have in the live stream. If you are unsure of how to integrate our inventor's kits into your teaching programs/lessons, this will be the ideal opportunity to get all of your questions answered.

The Time, The Place;

  • The Time: Thurs 24th Aug 10:30AM BST.
  • The Place: YouTube Live.
  • The Subject: All Kitronik Inventor's Kits.


Kitronik Inventor's Kits:

Tech Talks - All Kitronik Inventor's Kits - Thurs 24th Aug 10:30AM BST kit parts pic

Kitronik Inventor's kits have been designed to introduce young coders and engineers to the basics of physical computing. The Kitronik Inventor's Kits provide a fantastic way of learning how to construct and control electronic circuits with code. The student works through a number of included experiments of increasing difficulty, learning new and exciting concepts and techniques as they go. To get you off to a flying start, we have included an easy to follow tutorial book which guides you through creating the included experiments. You don't need any experience with programming as the tutorial book will guide you every step of the way. You'll be programming and creating circuits in no time!

Click the button below to be transported to our range of inventor's kits.


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