Tech Talks: Your Practical Guide To Our Products

Find out what you need to know with our Tech Talk YouTube videos. With each one, we try to cover all of the aspects of using the kit/material and answer any live questions that are raised. The idea is to ensure that the viewer can determine if the thing being covered is right for their project. 

We've been doing them for over a year now and we aim to keep going indefinitely. Although we are prioritising new releases, we are also including our existing inventory. We've had a few technical gremlins along the way, but we are now in a position to be able to live stream reliably on a regular basis. 


The Tech Talks Playlist:

YouTube allows us to group similar content together into playlists, to make it easier for people to zero in on their areas of interest. We've made use of this feature to group together all of our Tech Talk content into one place. Our list of tech talks is still fairly modest, at the time of writing we have 21 tech talks in our playlist. 

If you head to our channel and select playlists, you'll see each of our playlists. Underneath each play list you will see VIEW FULL PLAYLIST. If you click on this you will see a list of all of the videos within the playlist. 


Search: If you want to find if we have a Tech Talk video for the product you are interested in, it's quicker to search from with our full list of videos as shown above. After entering your search term, a list of videos will be generated that has all of the most likely candidates at the top of the list. 

We also add links to the tech talk videos in the Resources list contained on the relevant Product pages. Alternatively, you can use the quick links detailed below.


Quick Links:


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