Vibrobug Building (and Racing) Workshop

Build a vibrating bug workshop with race

  • Are you interested in making something interesting and fun?
  • Do you have a child who you want to introduce to the world of electronics?
Come at join us at Nottinghack on Saturday the 15th June at 10am. We'll be building a vibrating bug robot from a kit which is an ideal introduction to soldering (only 6 solder points) and personalising them before letting our 'bots race with a unique one-off kit going to the winner. C2150_large_red_vibrobug The kit consists of a motor, a coin cell power board and a pre-cut piece of perspex containing the bug parts. Children aged 8 and over are very welcome, but must be accompanied by an adult (the adult can either be there just to supervise (free) or to take part (ticket required) too). The workshop will run from 10am until noon.

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