We're Back! Happy New Year For 2023

Happy New Year! We hope that in amongst it all you were able to take some time to relax, unwind, and to do some of the things that you enjoy doing the most. The Kitronik team are now back at it and back to business! Everything; orders, picking, dispatch, and deliveries are now back to pre-christmas specs. We all had a good break and we're raring to go for another action packed year!


What to See in 2023...

We had a lot going on in the run-up to Christmas. The results of which will start to have an effect into the new year and beyond. Let's a take a look at a few of things that will be happening in the year to come...

micro:bit Educational Foundation:

We were selected as an official Channel Partner by the micro:bit Educational Foundation in the latter part of the year which is an exciting development and good news all around.

We have been a staunch supporter of the micro:bit since the beginning, and as a Channel Partner we can work closely with the micro:bit Educational Foundation to enable people around the world achieve their digital learning potential, more on that here.


Kevin Spurr World Tour 2022:


Kitronik Director Kevin Spurr has been travelling the world like an international man of mystery, calling in on friends old and new. You might have seen him in places such as; the USA, Canada, Ireland, Sweden, Italy, to name but a few. 

There are a lot of good things to follow as a result. See above for a few images from the last leg of Kevin's journey and watch this space for exciting developments.


Upcoming Products;

Not only do we have more than a couple of dozen new products in various stages 'coming soon', through the coming year you should see a big increase in the rate at which we add new products. It's a good mix of things too. As things stand, we have new, materials, Pico accessories, Pi products, micro:bit accessorues, project kits and more queued up and nearly ready to release.

For the new arrivals that have already landed, check out this list.


Free Resources for all:

2022 was quite a big year for resources. We produced a lot of Teaching Resources, handy datasheets, and a lot of resources to help you get more from our kits. We got more people than ever contributing to creating resources with that number set to increase even more! 

One of the problems with having so many resources is ensuring that they are easy for the user to find after the fact. We've decided that we need to rethink how we organise our ever growing database of free resources. 

So watch out for lots of new resources and some organisational changes. For now, our news page lists all of our online resources, in the order they were release in, you can find them here.

The above is just a small look at what's coming in 2023, you can expect us to keep adding new and exciting things to the list as we go! 


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