Kitronik 7 Segment LED Display Kit

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Kitronik 7 Segment LED Display Kit with batteries

large seven segment led display kit+ 2 pack AA batteries+ 2 pack AA batteries

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Soldering School - Kitronik University

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Soldering School - Kitronik University

How to solder - an introductory guide: If you're new to soldering our Soldering School will have you up and running in no time. What...

How long will it take to assemble?
Asked by: Josh
Hi Josh, Thank you for your question, it depends on how experienced you are at soldering. There are around 60 solder joins on the board so about an hour or so if you were less experienced. Best Regards Cullen
Answered by: Cullen Lewis

how do I code this
Asked by: bob
Hi Bob, Thank you for your question you do not code it in the traditional manner as it already has the chips coded. The full instructions for this kit can be found below. Best Regards Cullen
Answered by: Cullen Lewis

Hi can this lit be used to drive a kingbright SA15-11SRWA 7-segment display?
Asked by: Liam Brady
Hi Liam, Looking at the datasheet you may be able to use that 7 segment display but it isn't something we have tried. The display we have is a kingbright SC56-11GWA.
Answered by: Michael Lockhart

Good Morning, Can the 7 segment display be installed on a separate board connected to the main board via wire? Also, is there a recommended age/school grade for this type of project?
Asked by: Anthony
That's fine just make sure you wired each pin to the correct location on the PCB. The kit is aimed at Key Stage 4 (14-16 year olds)
Answered by: Aaron Sturman

Is it possible to add an extra switch with this kit thats switches down,so you have both. Aslo is there one with a red display instead of green.
Asked by: Andrew
The IC that does the counting has an input to count and an input for direction. If you wanted to have a button for up and a button for down rather than a slide switch for direction and a button to step then you would need some logic. The step input wants to be active if the up or down switch is pressed. In other words feed the up and the down switch (with pull down resistors) in to an OR gate. The up / down pin should be connected to the up button. This now leaves the minor issue of propagation delays and set-up times. At 5V the up / down signal needs to have been present for 300nS before the clock signal arrives. In hardware this means connecting a resistor followed by a capacitor to 0V and then using the point where the resistor and capacitor connect to feed in to the clock in. If you use a 1K and a 1nF it should give you the required delay.
Answered by: Geoff Hampson

Hello Great kit!!! My question is will this kit work for a seven segement display (home made) Each segment contains 12 led in parallel (each having it's own resistor) the led is about 20ma with forward voltage of 2.2V .......... if i buy your kit can i power my 7 segment display. by simply replacing you display.
Asked by: Jay
The driver IC on this board is a 4511B (BCD to 7 segment driver) and is capable of driving 25mA on each of the 7 segments. If I read your description correctly you are looking to drive 240mA per segment. So would need to connect a transistor between the IC and the LEDs.
Answered by: Geoff Hampson

regarding the above Kit, is it possible that you have a circuit board that can accommodate two 7 segment displays? I am looking to build a board but only need the numbers to go up to 12, and then back to zero after that, if possible. Thanks
Asked by: M Norris
The up down binary coded decimal IC (4510B) has a pin for carry out (pin 7) and a carry in pin (pin 5). This means that it is possible to use one chip to drive a second chip and it would therefore be possible to get one chip to count to 9 and on roll over trigger the second chip to go from 0 to 1. The only problem is that as this project kit has not been designed to use the carry in pin and as a result it has been set to a state where it is ignored. It is possible to use some logic gates to work out that the number 12 (BCD 10010) has been reached and that a master reset or parallel load of zero is required. So whilst it would be possible to do it, it won?t be very straight forward and would need trac
ks cutting plus extra logic gates and mounting of the 7 segment displays on wires in order for them to be together. You may wish to consider using a PICAXE chip or similar.
Answered by: Geoff Hampson

with this kit is it possible to add 2 more seperate counters with the push buttons? I am trying to put together a counter like this that I can count 3 sperate items with 3 seperate displays and push buttons.
Asked by: Brian Zubick
In order to do this you would need to use 3 separate kits.
Answered by: Geoff Hampson

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