Micro USB Lamp Enclosure by Neil Barrett
This fantastic micro USB lamp enclosure was sent in by Neil Barrett of St Francis of Assisi Catholic College, Walsall.  As Head of Design Technology, Neil designed this lamp as the basis of practical tasks for students. So, as well as being very aesthetically pleasing, the lamp also serves as an educational springboard. Micro USB Lamp main image This Lamp has been designed around our Micro USB Lamp Kit. The kit comprises a very bright 1W Power LED which connects (with the cable provided) to a PCB that also has a power switch, Micro USB connector and power resistor.  

Micro USB Lamp by Neil Barrett of St Francis of Assisi Catholic College:

Initially, the practical tasks will revolve around making the lamps base. As well as holding up the rest of the lamp it also provides the enclosure for the bulk of the electronics. The laser-cut laminated design pictured below illustrates an eye-friendly way of delivering the design aims. Although the Students will be following a brief for the base, they will be able to get creative later on. Micro USB Lamp base   Once the base and upright have been produced, the students then move onto the lampshade. Here, the students can get creative by creating their own designs. Micro USB Lamp lampshade I hope we get to see that student-designed lamp shades at the end of term!   Micro USB Lamp end

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