Antex Soldering Irons

Antex Soldering Irons

With the addition of the XS25 25W soldering iron we now have an Antex soldering iron to suit any school application. All of the soldering irons we stock have a silicone heat resistant cable which makes them much harder wearing in a school environment. We have two versions of the CS18 18W soldering iron. One is mains powered (240V) and the other runs of a 24V supply which is available from many workbench supply units. The new XS25 25W iron is ideal for situations where the extra power is needed for soldering larger parts. This iron is available as a mains power unit.


The Antex soldering iron stand is specifically designed to match their range of soldering irons. It has a strong chromium plated steel spring with a heat resistant plastic base and integral sponge for bit cleaning. Learn more about the author

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