Autodesk Models of Kits
3D models of kits: Autodesk have done a fantastic job of creating 3D models for a number of our kits. These are ideal if you are using CAD to design a laser cut or 3D printed case. The models can be downloaded from the individual product pages: About Autodesk: Autodesk provides Secondary education institutions, teachers and students with Free access to over thirty 2D and 3D design & visualization software offerings and also makes available free training, teaching and learning resources for personal use. To apply to download Free* software for your institution please visit the Autodesk Academic Resource Center at Students and teachers wishing to download free licenses of the software for use at home can access the software from Autodesk has partnered with the UK Design & Technology Association to support science, technology, engineering, art and maths (STEAM) education for Secondary schools, through the provision of free software and projects. To access UK specific resources and learning content please visit We have additional STEAM curriculum resources available at Example pictures from the 3D models:




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