New Product Update: Bare Conductive Touch Board & Merry Resistivities Flashing Christmas Card Kit.
This week we've new products from Bare Conductive including their fantastic Touch Board. The Touch Board is designed as an easy-to-use platform for a huge range of projects.


Bare Conductive Touch Board

Use the Touch Board to change the world around you by turning almost any material or surface into a sensor. Paint a lightswitch on your wall, make a paper piano or create a custom interactive surface. Connect anything conductive to one of its 12 electrodes and trigger a sound via its onboard MP3 player, play a MIDI note or do anything else that you might do with an Arduino or Arduino-compatible device.
  The Touch Board is ideal to use with Bare Conductive Paint 50ml Pot or the Bare Conductive Paint 10ml Pen. Or if you'd like a festive introduction to fun with conductive paint why not get into the Christmas spirit with these Flashing Greetings cards! bare_conductive_touch_board_blog_560_03

Bare Conductive Merry Resistivities Flashing Card Set

The Bare Conductive Merry Resistivities card set comes with 3 cards, LEDs, coin cells and conductive paint as well as instructions for drawing your own light up Christmas card. bare_conductive_touch_board_blog_560_02

Bare Conductive Merry Resistivities Flashing Card Set

This seasonal fun activity is great for makers of all ages. Bare have an easy easy step-by-step instructions showing you how to draw simple circuits with Electric Paint and attach a flashing LED and battery to your Christmas greetings cards.

Have a very flashy Christmas with these super accessories from Bare Conductive!

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