Create Your Own Election Head to Head

Make Your Own Mini Vibrating Robot of Political Leaders to Create Your Own Election Debate

It’s one week to go until arguably the most un-eagerly anticipated election in recent history, one which many of us could not wish to be over soon enough. If you are one of these people, bored by the election and disappointed by the debate, you can now take matters into your own hands by creating your own election battleground. With the final election debate taking place this evening, there could not be a better time to create your own political contest. The Crafty Robot has launched an Election Action Set which allows you to spark the election into action as the party leaders go head to head. Powered by Kitronik’s FizzBit this quick and easy project kit allows you to make your own small scale minute vibrating robot of the political leaders enabling you to create the election debate in minutia. Which political leader will deliver the knock-out blow? To see what we mean, please visit to view a video of a completed Election Action Set. Here’s how you can create your own election action set: 1. Download the PDF and make the Leaders and election podiums – This is done easily by folding card. 2. Purchase Fizzbits from Kitronik which are available here. 3. Connect to USB on your computer and charge. 4. You’re ready to go! Create your own match up and find out who wins your own election battle. Commenting on this tongue in cheek idea Ross Atkin, founder of The Crafty Robot said: “We wanted to have some fun around the election and so drew up the designs for mini robots of the political leaders. You can make them go head to head or create your own 5-way marginal battleground by pitting them all against each other. They are very simple and cheap to make so we hope to add a bit of fun to the election for UK households and schools and bring some of the joy of Spitting Image to new generations. You never know, we may even inspire younger people to get into politics!” ENDS NOTES TO EDITORS About The Crafty Robot The Crafty Robot was established in 2014 and specialises in providing resources for people to create their own technology-enabled paper toys. Many of these designs are available to download free from The Crafty Robot Website. The Paper toys are powered by the Fizzbit which was designed by The Crafty Robot and Kitronik. The Fizzbit is a small module containing a vibration motor, super capacitor and USB plug, which can be plugged directly into a computer or USB power supply (no batteries required). Slot the Fizzbit into a mini-figure (made from paper, household items, 3D printed) and watch it come to life. As its re-usable, one Fizzbit can power hundreds of different toys in its lifetime. About Kitronik Kitronik is owned and run by two electronics graduates who believe that electronics should be accessible to everyone. Since forming the company in late 2005 Kitronik has continued to produce resources and products that allow teachers and hobbyists to get involved in electronics & coding. So far the Company has inspired over 1,000,000 people to solder and build their very own electronic project (the 1,000,000 figure is based on sales of electronic kits). The company supplies directly to 3,000 secondary schools and also via its website. In addition to basic electronic kits, Kitronik offer a number of products for people who want to customise their electronics. It offers a range of products that can be programmed by flowchart or code to implement in their projects. The company is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of educational e-textiles kits which allow people to add lights to their textiles project using its Electro-Fashion range. The parts are connected (sewn together) using conductive thread that Kitronik has specially made and require no soldering. Every Kitronik kit has an accompanying teaching resource pack, allowing people to not only build the kit, but to find out how it works. The resource section of its website is well received by teachers as it contains a range of tutorials, datasheets, project ideas and interactive teaching which all make the job of delivering exciting electronics easy. The extensive e-textiles resources cover all the basics as well as a wide range of projects.   Further information & interviews Further information can be found by visiting and Kitronik Co-founder, Kevin Spurr and The Crafty Robot Founder Ross Atkin are available for interviews and further comments. Please contact Chris Mitchell at RedTree PR on 0115 925 5499, 07743 897 748 or email to arrange.  

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