Cub Scout LED Candle Project
As it's approaching the festive season we thought we'd share an interesting LED candle project sent to us by Graham from the 17th Barrow St Perran's Scout Group. Graham sent us some instructions  and pictures used for making LED candles during last years South West Lakes Scout District Cub Camp.


The candles are made from a PVC waste water pipe, an LED and a couple of batteries. The cubs used yellow craft cellophane to give the right flame-like twinkle. The PVC pipes which were pre-cut and drilled by an adult ahead of the build session are 150mm long with a hole drilled near the bottom for an on off switch. kit_o_parts800

Parts for LED candle:

The electronic parts you need are available from Kitronik: wire_diag800

How the LED candle circuit goes together:

You'll be able to find the other parts you need at most DIY and craft stores.
  • Clear tape like sellotape.
  • Yellow craft cellophane.
  • 150mm of 32mm PVC water pipe.
Tools you'll need are:
  • Screw driver.
  • Drill and 10mm bit.
  • 10mm spanner or pliers.
  • Hacksaw for cutting pipe.
You can download a printable pdf file of the build instructions here. The cubs who made these candles then used them in their outdoor chapel during a service. They worked very effectively by all accounts. If you're looking for other resources for Scouts, see our IET Scout Electronics Badge resources.

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