In Depth: The CEL Robox 3D Printer
We are understandably excited by the arrival of the Robox 3D printer, so we’re going to be bringing you lots of exciting content over the next few weeks on the 3D printer and other related products, including this week a video and a review!

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We have put together a little video of the Robox 3D printer for you this week, looking at some of it's most useful features, the materials it uses, and the results that it is capable of producing.
  We also have a review to share with you from Dominic Morrow, who recently spent a few days putting the 3D printer through its paces in order to offer his thoughts. Without giving too much away, we think he liked it... right-iso_WP Join us next week when we will be looking again at the My Mini Factory website, how useful it is as a resource, and why you should consider it when looking at 3D printing. At this rate you can be a 3D expert in no time!

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