Fabric Master and Gem Master Tools

Fabric Master and Gem Master Tools

Add excitement to your textiles project by using the Fabric and Gem Master tools. Better still these new tools are available at a special introductory rate (on all orders received before September).

Fabric Master

The Fabric Master is a heated tool that allows you to attach pieces of fabric by creating ‘melted’ joints. It can also be used as a heated cutting tool to cut and shape fabric. The kit contains: 18W tool, stand, 7 tips. A4 heat resistant cutting mat, sample pack of fabric and instructions. In the top left example, strips of organza were cut into lengths and fused (using the tool) to a dark blue backing (sea). A blue organza was fused to a light blue backing (sky). Grey and brown fabrics were fused for waves and sand. To give texture and depth one of the larger tips was used to take away area’s of sea, waves and sand. Cliffs and boat were added using patterned fabrics.

Gem Master upgrade

This allows users to upgrade a Fabric Master to be used as a gem embellishing tool. The tool heats up special gems that have a heat activated adhesive on the back, allowing them to be attached to textile designs. The kit contains: 144 rhinestones, 144 nail heads, Rhinestone tip pack, button tip, embossing tip pack, transfer foil, baking parchment, fabric and leather wristband.


Gem bumper pack

The bumper pack contains a total of over 1000 Gems made up of rhinestones and nail head studs in various sizes and colours. For more information on these products, examples and a demonstration video please visit: Fabric Master Gem Master upgrade Gem bumper pack

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