Featuring: NTU Fuzzy Circuits - LED Picture
Just like in our previous blog posts; we are covering a project in conjunction with first year students on the Secondary Design & Technology Education course at Nottingham Trent University with a LED picture. Continuing with our fuzzy circuits theme, we have been amazed of the work on e-textiles students and this week we are concentrating on this fabulous LED picture that works both in the day and at night.


Designed to be a point of interest on a wall, this picture is lit up by 9 LEDs in 2 separate circuits. The LEDs are strategically placed on the picture to draw the eye of the viewer in lit and unlit rooms both day and night. In line with the project specifications, this student designed the picture to appeal to all classes of user and to produce something sophisticated and not over complicated. The student then looked at previous designs of lighting for inspiration - inside stores, Pinterest, catalogues and inside bars.


Built using an mdf frame, this picture measures 40cm x 30cm and is lit up with 9 LED's, has 2 separate circuits powered by 2, Sewable Coin Cell Holders - located at the top inside of the frame (below) and is controlled by two on/off slide switches.


The on/off switches enables the picture to be switched on special occasions where the picture will be given additional attention. The owner of the house can manually switch on the picture before the event to add colourful lighting to the room and create a talking point in the room.


Usually, each 3V battery can hold up to 5 LEDs on a single circuit but each circuit in this picture holds 4 or 5 LED's for additional brightness of each LED as there is less resistance in each circuit.


I would like to thank all of the Nottingham Trent Design for Technology Education Students for allowing us to use the photos for this blog and we wish them well on their endeavours throughout their time at Nottingham Trent University and beyond. We always love seeing examples of your work, and are always looking out for cool projects to feature in our gallery. Email us today!

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