Featuring: NTU Fuzzy Circuits - LED Wallet/Purse
A student studying Secondary Design and Technology Education at Nottingham Trent University designed a purse with built-in LED, fixing the age old issue of searching for bits of change in the dark.


In quoting Buechley, The student was ‘aiming to attract more women and girls’, and to ‘inspire and educate the next generation of scientists and engineers’. Aimed at Key Stage 3 pupils and therefore a simplified kit, the student aimed to find a way that students could use simple E-Textiles ideas in school, at a reasonable price.


Front of two LED wallet/purses

Using conductive thread, the student was able to make the purse with little traditional circuitry, keeping the cost and bulk of the purse/wallet down to a minimum. Conductive thread is a relatively new tool for making products, and for items such as this purse/wallet it is ideal for retaining a sense of style along with functionality, rather than trying to hide an electrical circuit and wires inside the lining and making the product too bulky.


Back of two LED wallet/purses

Parts required: Optional:
  • Zip (for purse/wallet opening).
  • Hook and Loop (hook and loop fastener) (for purse/wallet opening).
  • 100% polyester or other suitable fabric for sublimation printing.
  • Sublimation printing paper/or iron on transfer paper alternative.
Equipment required:
  • Sewing machine.
  • Sewing needles.
  • Fabric scissors.
  • Ruler.
  • Fabric marker.
  • Iron.
  • Sublimation printer.


Student's LED wallet/purse showing the inside LED and conductive fabric.


Student's LED wallet/purse showing the inside battery compartment and conductive fabric.

We liked the student's project as it looks great and is a lot of fun to make too. By combining electronics and circuitry with product design, e-textile manufacturing, and a bit of creativity, The student has made a solution to a simple problem that people have had for years, and ultimately a successful new product has to offer a solution...which they do in only 9 steps! If you want to have a go at making the purse/wallet yourself, you can follow his Instructables page by clicking HERE and following the simple steps. Do please send us your photos when you're finished too!

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